Want an insider’s perspective about the ongoing property insurance battle plaguing Florida – one you won’t find in your local newspapers?

Don has spoken before dozens of business and civic groups across Florida to include local chambers, Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs. Don does not charge a speakers fee, but always welcomes sponsorship of his gas and a nice lunch or breakfast.

Don’s presentation ranges from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the venue and the needs of the audience. A copy of his PowerPoint presentation COMING SOON for review.

Here is what they are saying about Don’s presentation:

I have known Don Brown for many years and I personally consider Don to be one of our state’s greatest authorities on insurance matters.  I believe Don has a message that all Floridians should give lots of consideration to in regard to the present state of Florida’s insurance industry.”

Lindsay M. Harrington
Former State Representative and Speaker pro tempore
Punta Gorda, Florida

In my term in the Florida Legislature, two of the best speakers were Marco Rubio and Don Brown. While we served together, Rep. Brown was the walking encyclopedia on property and casualty insurance.”

Fred Brummer, CPA
Former State Representative
Apopka, Florida

Don Brown has the integrity, knowledge, and fortitude to passionately advocate market based solutions for many of Governments’ problems. Having served with him for eight years in the Florida Legislature, I consider him a friend and mentor. He gets it!”

Congressman-Elect Dennis A. Ross, Florida-12

Don’s presentation is eye opening and what he shares unveils a unique truth better than anyone I have heard speak on the subject.  I want to say without question that Don Brown’s understanding of the dynamics of the Florida insurance marketplace go way beyond the norm.  He has done his homework in such a way that anyone can connect with this complicated issue once given an opportunity to hear his presentation of the facts put in simplistic terms.”

Brian Chapman
Florida Insurance Agent

Contact Don today to schedule him for your next membership meeting. Phone 850.865.9280 or Don@DonBrownFlorida.com.